What to Expect

Expect coziness and candles and flowers. Expect to meet other food lovers and exchange information about where to get fresh ingredients or unusual meals. Expect to leave satisfied – you won’t miss the meat at all.


The guests are locals, travelers, and foreigners living in the city. Upon arrival guests begin to connect with each other while sipping cardamom infused water. Once everyone is seated Sofi and Meghan say a little about the concept and the menu and the first course is served. Later the main dishes are brought out and enjoyed. There is no rush, and neither will you be left waiting. The finalé is dessert: fresh in-season fruit, prepared minimally to be enjoyed maximally and Meghan’s homemade dark chocolate. The meal ends with ginger tea which helps the body absorb protein and leaves a wonderful taste in your mouth.  Hopefully the evening encourages you to think about how we nourish ourselves, and to be creative in cooking experiments at home. We’ll post the recipes here on this website to get you started!

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