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  1. amanda says:

    Jueves a la Mesa has in a short time become part of the routine of san telmo, because Meghan is doing something that nobody else does in a way that nobody else could. The food is refreshing and energizing, just like she is; the table is set with attention and it’s easy to chat with your fellow diners, since you already have good taste in common. I say all this because I am a convert, inclined to make milanesas if i must cook for myself. But having had the pleasure to have Meghan engineer my diet, I have come to learn it’s good to eat plants and i like the way hers taste the best.

  2. Jenny Davidson says:

    This is truly the best place to eat i San Telmo. Healthy vegetarian dishes made by Meghans loving hands. So tasty! And you always have so much fun, meeting others who are also interested in healthy cooking. I recommend it highly.

  3. Nina says:

    Jueves a la mesa was a delight!
    A wonderful setup and everything was delicious!
    The menu included starter, maincourse(s), homemade bread, dessert (w homemade chocolate!) green teas and even wine.
    And perfect amount of people (10 when I went) that allows you to meet and chat with the other guests.
    Thank you, Meghan, and I’ll see you again next thursday! 🙂

  4. Marte Røren says:

    I just arrived Oslo after 6 months in Bs As. I spent my last two thursdays in Bs As around Meghans table – and it was a fantastic experience. Its a great way to spend time with old friends and new friends – and the food is fantastic. Being a vegetarian who doesn’t know how to cook it was a true inspiration to taste Meghans food – and also to get the recipes afterwards. Now that I’m back in Norway I will definitely impress my friends with healthy and spicy food from Jueves a la Mesa.

  5. Matt Graham says:

    “Oh my God, not another Puerta Cerrada!” I cried to my girlfriend, as she planned our evening out in San Telmo (where I have been relegated since my wife begun conducting her own affairs in Belgrano). That’s all I needed, by the way; expensive “haute cuisine” food, posh New World wine, the company of some London hedge fund managers slumming it round South America in boutique hotels while the rest of us suffered. I approached the evening with considerable dread and as we approached the bumpy cobbled colonial streets of San Telmo in a taxi, I began to regret not having a fifth glass of wine before leaving the hotel.
    My fears seemed confirmed as we were ushered into an unmarked salon upstairs, candle-light flickering inside.
    And then something astonishing happened.
    Jueves a la Mesa was spectacular. We didn’t eat some idiotic New Age fusion alongside chattering morons droning on about “their impressions of Machu Picchu” – we ate a delightful array of fresh African and Argentine cuisine, and alongside a fresh faced interesting group, representing a variety of different nations. We chatted on a variety of subjects (though my ill-planned anecdote about my time in a West African mercenary outfit brought dinner conversation to a lull) – we enjoyed delicious food, each dish of which Meghan briefly introduced. Meghan’s encyclopaedic knowledge provoked serious questions about nutrition in the West (her speciality, I learned several weeks later) A big asset was an optional wine policy, allowing you to bring your own alcohol; I discovered in sobriety a new joie de vivre, and our group stayed until the early hours. Our evening spent at Jueves a la Mesa was singularly enchanting, and I would recommend it to anyone in Buenos Aires, be they visiting or resident. I may even see you there.

  6. Binaito says:

    Well wasn’t it quite an evening. Our friend had even hauled his suitcases through the open door of this Puerta Cerrada, ready to take off to the airport. But we soon forgot all his departure stress. Candlelight, good company and light, natural and healthy food hijacked us into the world of Jueves a la Mesa, a world you definitely don’t want to miss. Especially because the experience was rounded off by home made, life-changing (i don’t say this lightly, i am a chocolate nazi) truffles. I will go back, as soon as I step into BA.

  7. Rease says:

    I’ve been twice and it was wonderful both times! I wrote a full review:

  8. Rahel says:

    Jueves a la mesa is simply great! From the people you meet there, the cozy atmosphere to the delicious dinner… a great way to promote the vegetarian lifestyle. I will definitely be back. Thanks for a great evening.

  9. Juevas a la Mesa is an incredible dining experience! It was a stroke of genius to open a closed door VEGETARIAN cafe in a city known for it’s superb, beef centered restaurants and cafes. Meghan’s gourmet meals are original and offbeat but very satisfying—even for those of us who love meat.
    Meghan and her associates, Sofie and Ramiro, are the perfect hosts for this casual yet stimulating dining experience. Up to fourteen people gather around a large, candle-lit, country style table set with charming dinner ware.
    The wine is local and superb, always a treat and recommended by one of Meghan’s friends who just happens to own an upscale wine shop. She can put you in touch with him for superior wines of all types and price ranges.
    “Overseeing” the table is Juan Manuel, the ceramic bull whose presense and friendly smile give an ironic touch to the festivities. The night I was there the guests included a German TV production crew, a lady high up in the fashion industry and a British couple on the last leg of a world tour. Apparently that isn’t an unusual mix at Meghan’s table.
    Meghan explains the meal and gives out the receipes if you’re interested. To top it all off she serves exquisite, freshly made (that very day) dark chocolates. The evening I dined with her, she gave us free samples of a new chocolate concoction and solicited our opinions as she challenged us to guess the ingredients (which included orange zest and fennel). I can’t remember a more pleasant and fun dining experience. I will go there whenever I’m in the city.
    In addition to her closed door cafe, Meghan also co-owns Buena Oneda Yoga. You can find out more about that –and Moonlight Yoga featuring live music during class and delicious vegetarian food afterwards– at Yes, I took in her yoga experience as well. Incredible.

    Vic (Colorado USA)

  10. Juan Pérez says:

    Me encantó la experiencia de Jueves a la mesa, una cena deliciosa llena de sensaciones al paladar, buenas conversaciones, buena gente. RECOMENDADO 100%!!! Saludos desde Bogotá Colombia

  11. Maria Capozzi says:

    Jueves a la Mesa has quickly become the culinary and social highlight of my week – a chance to eat wonderfully fresh and deceptively simple food which is clearly made with love and enthusiasm with an ever changing mix of interesting and vibrant guests. Meghan and Ben are wonderful hosts and set the tone for a relaxed and informal dinner with friends old and new… and there is chocolate!!!!

  12. Changuito says:

    Puertas Cerradas, or closed door restaurants have been a trend for years in Buenos Aires, and in my years in the city, I have been to my share of them. The different Puertas Cerradas can range between stuffy dinner clubs run by New York career chefs, to eating in a cramped Boedo apartment with improvised plasticware.

    Jueves a la Mesa is a perfect combination of cozy and refined, a setting that is unpretentious but relaxing enough to swap stories with new friends. This makes the idea of sitting at table with a group of strangers all brought together by a love of food as organic as the farm fresh fare that is being served.

    Meghan and Ben translate their philosophy of good wholesome food into each plate they prepare. The menu is at the whim of the chefs, which often crosses culinary borders and explores bold flavors. Whether you are a vegetarian or just looking for a night off steak, this puerta cerrada will not disappoint.

    The evening includes a starter, a main course, and what night would be complete without chocolate? Intense homemade chocolate to be exact! The flavors on the plate are complemented by those in the wine glass, as organic red and rose wine accompany the meal and the night is capped off with fresh ginger tea.

    I’m so glad that the puertas cerradas of Buenos Aires have offered a space for creative people to pursue their passions and share them with others. Jueves a la Mesa is exactly that, the labor of love by good people for good people! Buen Provecho!

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