Jueves a la Mesa is a 2 month long Spanish course that will culminate in a celebratory dinner where you’ll practice what you’ve learned. We’ll use song lyrics for vocabulary so you’ll get to hear some of my favorite music from Latin America. You’ll be introduced to the most necessary verb tenses and learn basics for conversation. I’ll provide snacks, you bring whatever beverage you like.

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About Me

I taught first grade for 6 years before moving to Buenos Aires and teaching English while I was learning Spanish myself. Teaching children to make sense of the English language was actually great preparation for teaching adults, and the journey of learning Spanish gave me lots of ideas about how I’d like to teach it.

Learning to speak Spanish is absolutely my favorite accomplishment. It’s allowed me to think in new ways and get to know so many wonderful people. You won’t become fluent in 2 months, but I can provide you with important basics and teach you important patterns that will allow you to keep learning as much as you’re inspired to.