*I’m back from vacation and happy in the kitchen with Sofi, and we have 3 different latin menus for the rest of August. Check out our FB page for more info!*

It’s Good to Eat Plants

_MG_9695Buenos Aires serves up a great steak, and sometimes pizza a la piedra really hits the spot. But when the over-abundance of meat, cheese, and white flour products starts making you crave a celery stick filled with hot sauce, we’ve got what you need!  Jueves a la Mesa is where imagination meets the natural bounty of Argentina. We use fresh ingredients to create spicy, succulent meals.

Plant foods are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that protect us from cancer, improve cell functioning, and cleanse our bodies of toxins. There’s more: turning plants into food puts us in direct contact with leaves, stems, seeds, roots, and fruits. While many of us have lifestyles that limit our exposure to nature or even a garden. Handling, cooking and eating plants offers a connection to the natural realm!

Carnivores and herbivores alike are satisfied by our menus. We carefully plan a good balance of proteins, starches, and both raw and cooked vegetables. We use little to no white flour or sugar, and we share our recipes right here on this website! Dessert is always fresh fruit and home-crafted dark chocolate. The meals are often vegan and gluten free, but not always so if that is important for you please let us know. AR$250 and includes organic wine. 8:30pm every Thursday in San Telmo, we’ll send the exact address when you make your reservation.

Reservations at juevesalamesa@gmail.com. More information on our facebook page.